The Title of mindbootandsoul

Many people have told me that it would be a better marketing tool for my film if I were to change the name and remove the word “Booty” from the title in order to create another title that was less offensive or more family friendly. Honestly, my initial response is that this would be the ultimate sell out. It would be like taking French Fries off the menu and adding another veggie to accompany the hamburger and trying to pass it off as America’s favorite meal.

The body has become so sexualized in today’s culture that the phrase “Mind Body and Soul” has become an outdated, almost meaningless cliche that doesn’t truly reflect our current reality. The promised balance of “Mind Body and Soul” has been replaced by a hierarchy in which the sexual imagery and the objectification of our bodies have been used to dominate our minds to the detriment of our souls.

The highest and most functional purpose of our bodies is to provide earthly housing for our souls. And our substitution of the word “Booty” accurately reflects how much we’ve gone away from GOD’s or the Universe’s original design and purpose. Therefore it is not only appropriate to replace the word “Body” with “Booty” and create a more applicable and relevant concept, but more importantly, to also identify and represent how much America surrendered its core values. And we surrender more each day and each time we allow the media to sexualize and otherwise manipulate our bodies for the sole purpose of persuading Americans to consume more products.

And you don’t have to be a Jesus freak to recognize the biblical references and analogies here between the carnal mind, the flesh, and the Media-driven sexualization of our bodies.

“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit, the things of the spirit.” – Romans 8:5

“Because the carnal mind is enmity against GOD; for it is not subject to the law of GOD, nor indeed can be. So then, those who are in the flash cannot please GOD.” – Romans 8:7-8

Those that believe in the existence of satan clearly see his authorship of this distorted worship of our bodies at the expense of our souls. In this way, the phrase “MindbootyandSoul” itself, truly reflects how much we’ve allowed this body to actually become the ultimate devil’s tool. Man’s original and perfect design features a fully integrated mind, body, and soul that works together to glorify GOD and serve the universe. Unfortunately, our common enemy does not want mankind to serve anything other than his own fleshly desires; and to some extent, has created an environment where the body has become so sexualized that it’s carnal desires now override the logic of the mind and diminish the wonders of the soul. Instead of the body existing as a vehicle, directed by the mind to provide safe passage for our soul during it’s journey of spiritual growth on earth, the body has become it’s own self-serving master that commands all the attention. In this distorted state, the body now aptly represented by the “Booty”, has lost all sense of it’s original function and developed an appetite which regulates the mind to serving its quest for pleasure, while taking up all the oxygen and threatening our souls with outright expulsion. In retrospect, this is why Mindbootyandsoul was created in the first place, to identify the tools that are being used to control our behavior.

Would you marry a virgin?

Recently 2 time olympic hurdler Lolo Jones admitted that she is a virgin and that she is saving herself for marriage because she wants to give her future husband a very special gift.  She also said that being a virgin is the hardest thing she has ever done, even harder than training for the Olympics.

I wish her well is her quest to remain a virgin until she marries but I’m not sure I would want to marry a virgin. First of all, putting a women on a holy sanctuary pedestal is juvenile. Our society has really gone overboard with the idea of purity, wholesome, and applying these dynamics to women has allowed men to be sexual hoers while placing all the blame and guilt on women when two consenting adults have sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Lolo for standing up to her principals but I don’t believe that having sex out of wedlock is a sin.  Furthermore, I would have to sample the goods first to see if we were compatible.  I’m not to concerned about the chemistry, I’m more concerned about her physical attributes.  For example, is her vagina deep enough or is it wet enough? Furthermore, Is she inhibited or does she let go? These are things that can’t be reversed over time. meaning I might locked into a long term contract with someone I’m not sexually compatible with.

Maybe I’m being to shallow or I’m not considering the emotional connection we would have, but I plan on being loyal while I’m married and not being sexually satisfied can lead to unfaithfulness down the road.  Therefore, if this is going to be the last women I ever make love to for the rest of our lives, I can’t commit to marriage unless I take a test drive.

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The Trivialization of Marriage

There was a recent study detailed in the Journal of Neorophysiology that suggests that love is a much more powerful emotion than sex. According to researcher Helen Fisher “Romantic love is one of the most powerful of all human experiences.”

While I agree 100% with their findings, it doesn’t appear than our our media landscape puts very much stock into the concept. With movies like “What Love Got to do With It”, “Love Hurts”, “Friends with Benefits”, along with “Fatal Attraction”, “Enough”, “Basic Instincts”, and my favorite “Body Heat”, one would begin to think that love was an explosive compound ready to detonate on contact when two people get together.

In reality, creating a caring/loving relationship requires both dedication and hard work and in today’s microwave culture, many of us aren’t prepared for the marathon that’s necessary for sustaining a long term relationship. Furthermore, the ratio of available men vs available women have skewed the environment to where many men look at women as disposable objects. As a result, more women have started to view men as a secondary income. These two conditions have generated a monetary transaction instead of a romantic love experience. Moreover, the 72 day marriage of Kim Kardashian along with the wide variety of reality dating shows has trivialized marriage into a glamourous event instead of a long term commitment. A New York Times article suggests that couples are more fixated about the details of the wedding than concentrating on the life that they will spend together once the ceremony is over.

To change the tide, more films and media attention needs to be dedicated to the possibilities of love, commitment, and marriage instead of finding a way to have detached sex, i.e “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached.” Some would say that they are just movies and in the end the couples get together. But unfortunately we have incorporate these terms into our everyday life.  I can’t tell you how many of my female friends have stated that they looking for a friend with benefits. I relish the days of “Soul Food”, “Love and Basketball”, and “Love Jones” when filmmakers inspired passion and romance. Let’s hope the following pictures inspires romance into your relationship.

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Nike battles butt injections

As we showcased in other articles, there is a tremendous desire for women to obtain a curvaceous derriere.  While men’s obsession with the booty has been around since the beginning of time, it was hip-hop that brought this trend to the forefront with classics such as Sir-Mix-Alot’s “Baby Got Back.”  But the current infatuation with booty and curves was made acceptable by J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Serena Williams (black cat-suit).  They created a critical mass that drove women to conform to men’s desires and compete for their attention

But not all women have the natural design to encompass a curvaceous figure.  Moreover, this microwave culture has very little patience for long term remedies.   Just like crack cocaine, the demand to have an extremely large buttcuks appears to be very addictive even for women who already have wonderful shapes. According to former Vixen Solei, real name is Samantha Angelique, the drive to have the biggest ass and the pressure to stay competitive was one of  the main reasons she decided to leave the business.

 “One of the reason why I stopped was the fact that the size just keep getting bigger,  the girls just kept getting bigger and bigger.   More girls were getting shots done and they were getting it done to a point where is what just outrageous.”


“It’s really just a push for followers.   It’s about popularity and notoriety…for people who have gotten enough popularity (from their bodily procedures), they have been able to propel it forward” and create successful brands.  Just look at Kim Kardashian.

With the pressure to keep up with the Kardashians and as Robin Thicke says be “the baddest bitch in the club”, it’s no wonder why Wilbert Cooper stated in a recent article that illegal butt enhancements may be America’s next big health epidemic.  This is the reason why I applaud Nike for promoting  fitness over syringes and encouraging women to just say no by “just doing it” naturally through exercise.

Darryl J. Gilbert/Michael Norville



Teen, Sex, & TV

With the increasing sexual content on the Internet and other forms of media, experts say they have seen a 30% rise in sex related behavioral issues among teen boys. In a study of 11,426 teens, almost 18 percent of all 7th and 8th graders, and almost half of all 9th through 12th graders admitted that they had already had sex.

In addition, young people in the United States use alcohol and other drugs at high rates. Adolescents are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as unprotected sex, when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In 2009, 22% of high school students who recently had sexual intercourse drank alcohol or used drugs before their last sexual encounter.

A study of 1792 adolescents ages 12-17 showed that watching sex on TV influences teens to have sex. Youths in this demographic who watched more sexual content were more likely to initiate intercourse and progress to advanced sexual activities. In all, the 90% of kids viewing sex on TV were twice as likely to engage in sexual intercourse than that of the remaining 10% who don’t partake in watching explicit content.

About half of the high school students in America have had sexual intercourse. Although sex is common, a large percentage of sexually active teens wish they had waited longer to have sex, which suggest that they are having sex before they are prepared for its consequences since 25% of sexually active teens are diagnosed with an STD.

TV programs that portray the sexual risk factors, abstinence, or need for sexual safety was portrayed in 15% of the shows with sexual content. With that said, sexual content on TV is more likely to promote sexual activity among American adolescents than it is to discourage it.

Sex and violence is like the nicotine in cigarettes.  The reason why more sexual content has been shoved down our throats is because of our built up a tolerance.  In order to get the same high, we need increasing higher level of dosage. The television industry has gained its market share through an addictive and toxic ingredient of sexual exploitation.

For parents to prevent their kids from becoming sexual charged degenerates, it is imperative that they get active in monitoring/delegating TV consumption (with devices such as the V-Chip and other parental controls) and above all having serious conversations about sex. Besides, it is a parent’s job to protect their kids from everything, including themselves.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Recently there was catcalling incident ignited by the “New York Jets” during an attempt by journalist Ines Sainz to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. It’s a situation that has the sports world, the media, and the general public talking about “what is sexual harassment.” – Michael Schottey

Mexican TV is a culture where sex, over humor, is considered quality entertainment and Ines Sainz TV persona is based off of the premise that sex sells. NFL players are accustomed to seeing her at the Super Bowl, having her caress their strong arms, sit on their shoulders, and wink, smile, and nod for the camera, all the while being dressed like she is playing, not working. Many of these players view Sainz as an actress, or a celebrity, being given a microphone and shoved into a locker room. For them, she is not a prestigious reporter that has earned her credentials through hard work and study, but just another random attractive woman. – Al Asifyouknow

Why is it every time a beautiful lady gets harassed by professional athletes there is always mumbling by some folks that somehow she dressed too sexy, I guess suggesting she was asking for it. Are you kidding me ! Were this people raised by wolfs !

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Now I’m not implying that a dress code should be enforced or that women have no place in the men’s locker room. However, should we expect testosterone, adrenaline pumped egotistical athletes not to respond to an attractive curvaceous female who presents herself in attire that showcases her attributes. Or let me put it another way, if you add kerosene to a pile of wood and light a match, should I expect a fire not to ignite.

I don’t care where you are, if an attractive women walks into board room, class room, bus stop, even in a grocery isle men are going to look.
Furthermore, women wearing clothes to receive attention and then complaining when the attention exceeds their expectations is like a men flaunting their money around and then complaining about attracting gold-diggers. We all need to use common sense and Ms Sainz should realize that being professional should not cause or create an excessive amount attention to her sexuality.

According to the law, sexual harassment occurs when a hostile or offensive work environment is experience by an employee. Therefore, it could be interpreted that a man could find his work environment offensive if other female employees started dressing provocative. Can you imagine a man saying “I’ve experience sexual harassment at my worksite because a female employee showed her cleavage?”

Huh??? Better yet, I’ll revisit Dave Chapelle point of view as he discusses “How women dress”

The Family Prostitute

These current times in America is the most devastating economic recession this country has seen since the great depression. However there are a few differences. We’re not seeing white collar workers jumping out of high rise windows and women have a much more prominent role of maintaining the household. One way in which women are able to maintain the household is by participating in the oldest industry know to mankind.

A recent LA Weekly article, “The Family Prostitute” shows a unique perspective of how prostitution is now being included within the family life.  With less job developments, high layoffs, and the cost of living ever increasing for basic necessities like healthcare, food, and gas; husbands/parents are becoming willing participants of their wives/daughters entering prostitution and supporting the family.  One of the girls mentioned in the article supports her entire family including her mother and father through prostitution.   Another women supports and takes care of her boyfriend, who has cancer, and his mother by selling her goods to various types of men.

The Family Prostitute

Moreover, the entertainment culture appears to have subdued the morality aspect of sex and women being involved in sexual trades.  In the past, the prostitute, hoe, and/or stripper were considered the black sheep of the family, often outcasted by disappointed parents that had higher expectations for their daughters/sons. But, what once was a subject of ridicule is now the realization that there is no shame in simply trying to survive.

And that’s how this propaganda of encouraging women to be “hoes” has risen from the HipHop demographics to main-stream.  Like any other successful product, this trend has followed the natural life cycle where trendsetters injected the idea to the general population.  In this case it was the HipHop community that initially transmitted storylines of “Sex for Survival.” Within a few years, we started seeing white collar women entering into the business.  Now with the creation of “The Client List” this same storyline is being introduced to middle America suburban housewives.  And just as we witness with City Highs “What would you do”, the audience is made to sympathize with the women’s plight to sell her body.

Fortunately for us, this means that this trend could be is reaching it’s final stage of the late majority where individuals wait until a product has been approved by others before consuming it.  The Question is, what shape will be in if and when sex stops becoming a profitable industry and the supply greatly outweighs the demand(virtual sex).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to criticize a women choice to exploit her body.  What I am criticizing is media’s role of being the Pimp and pushing the sex game on young women and girls.  By breaking down their self-esteem and getting women to view themselves as body-parts, the media and the simultaneous economy diaster has played a tremendous role in encouraging women to become prostitutes.


Why workout when all you have to do is get a photoshop expert to distort your pixels or get a prescription for a booty injection or at the very least go purchase some booty pads to enhance your assets.  Take a look at how Scott Herbert @ studio360imaging takes a flat booty and transforms it into phat booty.

American Apparel-The Death of Innocense

In 2009, American Apparel waged an aggressive marketing strategy in hopes to boost sales after their company ran into some financial troubles.  That’s when the government cracked down on their labor force, citing that the majority of them were illegal immigrants.  They soon hired workers that were legal, thus raising their cost and effecting their overall profit margin.

In the wake of these lower profits, the company decided to take an over-sexualized approach to their advertising campaigns.  Instead of actively engaging in the political voting process by supporting gay marriages as they had done in the past, AA decided that they can gain more attention by displaying billboards that were not only provocative but close to being pornographic.  Moreover, AA ignited interactive marketing campaigns by inviting female consumers to upload pictures of their backsides to the company’s website (wearing AA underwear or bodysuits) and then asking people to judge the submissions.  These women were often depicted in little to nothing at all, while displaying clothing that is far more suited for the provocative stripper lifestyle than the overall viewing public.

These type of campaigns are prime examples how marketers promote sexualization and body obsession as a form of girl power. This blatant display of body-parts and porn-inspired media has not only infiltrated the everyday culture but also has seeped into the minds of young innocent girls. The objectification of women/girls in the media and the negative impact it has on them, is essentially wreaking havoc on their psychological, emotional, cognitive and relational lives.

American Apparel is directly and immensely undermining girls’ healthy development by equating confidence with looking sexy, winning with being judged on their appearance, and personal value with 15 seconds of fame.  I guess that why Dove’s “Empowering Young Girls” campaign was so successful.

Darryl J. Gilbert/Michael Norville

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