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Bodies on Display : The Spectacle of the Booty

The idea that women empower themselves by taking their clothes off while putting their bodies on display has been around since the roman empire and the catholic church burned the intuitive nature and robbed humanity of femininity.  Unfortunately the dynamic range of the sacred feminine has been replaced by the seduction of the narcissist and the con game sold to Hottentot Venus as she sailed overseas for fortune and fame.  This cycle continues to repeat itself over and over again like an infinite loop from a computer program who mathematical equation has yet to be solved.

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Addition to Attention

This women has a drug addiction. She is addicted to the attention that she receives from her body. This is an addiction that started when she was a little girl. Everyone told her how cute she was. They praised her for her expressions, her movements, her looks. Maybe she was molested, maybe she was not. But I can tell you this, a high majority of men who come in contact with her, only gave her attention because they wanted to fuck her.

We cannot blame the little girl who grew up in an environment where there were no men who gave her attention just because they loved her. This is the missing ingredient. There was a day when men would help and support women without wanting something in return. But those day are gone and now love has been replaced with attention.


With over 50 exercises geared to enhance the Booty and personal testimonies from everyday fitness gurus, Booty Science rediscovers a healthy lifestyle to getting a Bigger Better Booty. Through exercise, nutrition, mental balance, and spiritual illumination, this 4 part series will be a key asset to  harmonizing the Mind Booty Body and Soul.

Before there was Twerkers, there was Luke….

Misdirection lies at the heart of magic. It is the art of diverting the audience’s attention away from what magicians call the “method” – the act of deception itself.  In this case, Luther Campbell and the booty gyrating motions of Black Bodies diverted the culture’s attention away from the essence of Hip Hop.  As the Cliche says, never get high on your own supply. So while we all were living in the highness of the black women’s body, corporate America was busy stealing the main elements(BOOTY, LYRICS, & BASS) away from Hip Hop and using them for their own corporate agendas.

Luther Campbell along with LL Cool J, MC Lyte, 2 Live Crew, and Professor Griff talks about the Miami Bass movement which later sparked and ignited the twerked movement.

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