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FakeBook Privacy

Android was create to collect data. Facebook was created to collect Data. Privacy is Big business for Data miners like Facebook and Google. They thrive on recording our online moves. This should be no mystery to us. We were and are fully aware of what we are giving away. When we download that favorite APP, have we actually looked at the fine print….They can read and write text for us. They can capture our contact list and start sending us spam from contacts in OUR list. They can have access to our microphone and listen in on our personal conversations.

Bodies on Display : The Spectacle of the Booty

The idea that women empower themselves by taking their clothes off while putting their bodies on display has been around since the roman empire and the catholic church burned the intuitive nature and robbed humanity of femininity.  Unfortunately the dynamic range of the sacred feminine has been replaced by the seduction of the narcissist and the con game sold to Hottentot Venus as she sailed overseas for fortune and fame.  This cycle continues to repeat itself over and over again like an infinite loop from a computer program who mathematical equation has yet to be solved.

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Womens Empowerment

As the media continues its narrative of empowering women through their sexuality, have they overlooked the growing epidemic of Sexual Trauma and its long term effects. Mind Booty and Soul presents The Women’s Empowerment Panel with Alicia Monet, Spicy Mari, Spirit Halima and more!!


Entertainment is a Drug


If we want to make real change on this topic, we have to organize and form a coalition. Mothers against Media or something like that. We have to become offensive. Mind Booty and Soul (MBS) has over 17 years of documentation showing how detrimental entertainment is to our culture.

Last month I heard Kenya Moore say sucking dick on TV. I complained to the FCC and this is their response. “Programming considered indecent, obscene, violent or otherwise offensive to some viewers may be transmitted over cable systems. The FCC cannot restrict non-broadcast (cable) programming.” This means cable TV can show anything they want at anytime.

The bottom line, the corporations have been planning this for 30 years. They have created legislature(laws), technology(smartphones), and the environment(morality) that allows them to override the parents authority and become the new parents of our generation. From Birth to Dirt, our children are being attacked by toxic drugs disguised as media.

Is Nappy Natural Hair a Weapon

I ask the question about nappy hair because our world has issues when black women wearing their hair natural.  I am not sure why but I will continue to praise Nappy Hair.

Poem by Latasha A Willis

I came to this world with nappy hair
And when I was too young to really care
I loved to twirl each curl in my hand
And appreciate the texture of every strand.
But when I got older I was told
That the straightest hair was just like gold.
My hair got ironed with a metal comb
And the smell of burning grease made me moan.
I got a relaxer to run from the smoke,
But the pain of my overcooked scalp was no joke.
I even tried a Jheri curl to give myself a break
But being a target of jokes made my heart ache.
Oh, the day I turned my back on chemicals and heat,
I felt so free – oh, what a treat!
I trimmed off what was left of the damaged mess
And saw in the mirror what I thought was success.
But society said I had lost my mind
And that I would run back to tradition in time.
I got the strangest looks everywhere
And even loved ones frowned at my nappy hair.
I can’t get a black brother to take me out for a meal
Since my hair lacks European appeal.
But when I look at my origin,
The continent of Africa, where my ancestors had been
And the beauty of the people who live there,
I saw nothing wrong with my nappy hair.
God gave me this hair
So I should not be ashamed
It is part of who I am
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it, I exclaimed.
So I will wear my Afro, my twists and my coils!
I will not allow my confidence to be soiled.
Even if my hair is locked and dreaded,
I am proud of being nappy-headed.

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