An Open Letter to Youtube

In an environment that worships Kim Kardashian’s booty and shames Serena Williams’ accomplishments, It’s amazing that a video called “WhiteGirls with Booty“, which documents women feeling ashamed about having a “Ghetto Booty”, was deemed inappropriate and flagged.  We can see videos where women are getting tattoos on their butt hole, or see other women talk about how many endorsements they’ve received because of their twerking abilities, but we can’t talk about how white women were made to feel ashamed of themselves for having a “black body”.  What’s even more amazing is the fact that the discussion of booty as it relates to race was one of the main reasons why this video was flagged.

As you may or may not know, in the business landscape, the booty is no longer considered a body part.  The booty is a major tool used today to attract the male audience.  With the over saturation of channels, ad messages, and social media outlets that bombard our senses, the male species has developed built-in filters that ignore the normal trends of marketing.  The symbol of the booty has proven over and over again to get the male species to not only stop, but also take notice to a message.  The (pause, stop, and take notice) aspect of the booty may last for only few seconds, but those precious moments have become one of the most valued commodities in advertising.

Witnessing first hand women being ashamed of their bodies because it looks “Black” gives an historical context to how the body was view during the turn of the century.  But more importantly it shows the mindset and intent behind slogans like “Im bringing Booty back” where popularity of a new brands ignite themselves to multi-million dollar empires by attaching itself to “Booty and Bass.”  To restrict Mind Booty and Soul’s ability to utilize one of the most powerful tools used to get the attention of its audience, is not only censorship but a blatant display of high tech cultural and economic appropriation.


Checkout the Video that Youtube Flagged for the following Reasons:

“It’s the concept/video as a whole I believe. Specifically, discussion of “booty” in relation to race accompanied by provocative photos is inherently adult content. Add in the close-up shots of butts and the use of the word “fuck” (at 1:14) in this video and it’s clear why they felt this deserved an age-gate.”

Artwork by Mira Gandy