Most people dont know who Karrine Steffans is. All they know is the persona, Superhead. But I knew more. I witnessed more. I saw her genius, her boldness, and unknowingly I saw her separateness. Thats what brought me to Northridge, Cal State Northridge. At this time she was a “money making machine”, her words not mine.

“When I decided to write Diaries, back up I never decided to write Dairies. At that point, I was a money making machine and I had to do what my publisher wanted me to do. Dairies was not a book of my choosing and honestly not even of my liking because I knew that i had become part of the machine. It wasn’t what I wanted. Its never personal, its always a business. This is business and this is what i got myself into.”

I met Karrine at the 2004 Lady of Soul Awards. That was before her book, before her persona, before her marketing, before her exploitations. She was cocky and confident back then and she had the foresight.

“Insecure women are very competitive with other women. I am not competitive because, in my eyes, there is no competition. I believe that every women should feel that way about herself and that way we won’t have the tits for tats and “oooh, she’s wearing this and oh wow she’s wearing that. We wouldn’t have that if women were confident and secure and knowledgable. We wouldn’t be having this conversation because we would all understand that. From my personal experience, women that don’t do what I do, that cannot do what I do, and just wouldn’t do what I do, don’t understand what I do and judge what I do.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t a chance to see the multi-dimensional expression of Karrine Steffans. All we saw was the sensational escapades, the conquest….. The Sexual Harvest, the Succubus.

But that was just a campaign. An exaggerated persona created by the boldness of her desire to hit the scene with a force. And it worked, perfectly. She used it to get the attention of King, Smooth, XL… they were sooo willing to promote her excellence. Those marketing seeds attracted HarperCollins. They saw an opportunity to unleash the anger. The anger that was boiling inside of all women, especially black women and this exaggerated persona of Superhead was the perfect character. She was bold. There was no limit to her scope. Not only could she absorb the criticism…but she was inspired, energized from the hate-ness of the haters. Unfortunately, her message was lost.

Instead of educating women about the industry, the exploitation of her escapades became the focal point. We we’re all too eager to hear Steffans private sessions with Usher, Diddy, Lil’ Wayne, Ne-Yo, Bobby Brown, Shaq, Vin Diesel, Ice-T and even Bill Maher. As she admits, she “was part of the machine now” and helping young naive girls navigate through the sexual abusive maze of Hollywood was no longer a priority. She was to encourage women about the power of their sexuality, even though Karrine knew he intelligence was her best asset. She started promoting the opposite of what ignited her in the first place. The became a part of the problem instead of the solution. But we shouldn’t judge her. We shod realize that the machine is design to degrade humanity and ignorer to free ourselves, one must surrender.