As I think about a recent post from Menelik Charles, I also started thinking about an interview I had with visual artist Mira Gandy.   Her art is dedicated to working with themes related to female identity, beauty, race and their intersection in media & culture.  Her current work is called APPEAL: Beauty, Race, Intimacy.  

Please take the time to enjoy her art and reflect upon Menelik’s poem, racial envy:

Why white people admire, desire, and despise, Black people….

White racism IS a myth: racial envy is not. The latter is not something you will ever learn via the (white) public education system: that the privileges of whites are accumulated so as to under-privilege those whom they racially envy. This is why, for example the ‘Ugly Sisters’ discriminated against the beautiful ‘Cinderella’ and enslaved her within the family home.. envy and malice.

Think about it…

If the beautiful ‘Cinderella’ were a real life human being, she would have grown up with an inferiority complex believing herself ugly (just as many Black females do) and her ugly sisters, beautiful! Envy seeks to destroy that which it most admires: just ask ‘Cinderella’. It took a ‘fairy godmother’ to save her butt!


Allowing impressionable Black children to be taught that whites mistreat, malign and murder Blacks because they view themselves as racially superior, is to effectively teach our children that they ARE inferior to whites, and that they must somehow persuade ‘racist’ whites to view them as racial equals.

How many movies have you seen with this sub-plot?

Indeed, it is racially unstable whites who must be taught to come to terms with their condition. And persuaded that lying up under the sun’s rays, sunbeds, or purchasing a bewildering array of melanin stimulators in a bottles, tubes or injection, will not make them Black. Nor will expensive butt implants, lip injections, penis extensions, or the adoption of Black children…

Not even wigger swag will achieve this objective (are you listening Justin Bieber and Timberlake, Miley, and Robin?)!

Whites must truly accept WHO they are, and Blacks must finally realize WHAT they are, and why they are treated so inhumanely … because of racial envy. There’ll be no fairy godmother, or a ‘shining Black prince’ on the horizon, to save them from themselves.

The lesson is thus as follows: know your friend… know your foe…free yourselves!

(c) Menelik Charles.