Nike battles butt injections

As we showcased in other articles, there is a tremendous desire for women to obtain a curvaceous derriere.  While men’s obsession with the booty has been around since the beginning of time, it was hip-hop that brought this trend to the forefront with classics such as Sir-Mix-Alot’s “Baby Got Back.”  But the current infatuation with booty and curves was made acceptable by J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Serena Williams (black cat-suit).  They created a critical mass that drove women to conform to men’s desires and compete for their attention

But not all women have the natural design to encompass a curvaceous figure.  Moreover, this microwave culture has very little patience for long term remedies.   Just like crack cocaine, the demand to have an extremely large buttcuks appears to be very addictive even for women who already have wonderful shapes. According to former Vixen Solei, real name is Samantha Angelique, the drive to have the biggest ass and the pressure to stay competitive was one of  the main reasons she decided to leave the business.

 “One of the reason why I stopped was the fact that the size just keep getting bigger,  the girls just kept getting bigger and bigger.   More girls were getting shots done and they were getting it done to a point where is what just outrageous.”


“It’s really just a push for followers.   It’s about popularity and notoriety…for people who have gotten enough popularity (from their bodily procedures), they have been able to propel it forward” and create successful brands.  Just look at Kim Kardashian.

With the pressure to keep up with the Kardashians and as Robin Thicke says be “the baddest bitch in the club”, it’s no wonder why Wilbert Cooper stated in a recent article that illegal butt enhancements may be America’s next big health epidemic.  This is the reason why I applaud Nike for promoting  fitness over syringes and encouraging women to just say no by “just doing it” naturally through exercise.

Darryl J. Gilbert/Michael Norville