Black Sexuality

Back at the turn of the century before the digital revolution of multi-media had settled in, the expression of black sexuality was very limited.  The gyrating music videos weren’t displayed throughout the airwaves, the plethora of male magazines, websites, and youtube videos devoted to black women were nonexistent, and quite frankly many black women were skeptical of participating in projects that showcased their sexuality and beauty.

However, photographer Andre Lavelle had a vision and dedicated his time to displaying the sensuality, instead of exploiting the sexuality of black women.  It is a very fine line but I do believe Mr. Lavelle achieved his desire of creating a tasteful erotic expression of black beauty.

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How to make it in Hollywood

Throughout the process of producing Mind, Booty, and Soul, I’ve interviewed 100’s of models, actresses, and women attempting to break into the entertainment business. After finishing the film, I realized that I have hours upon hours of footage that didn’t make the film. So from the cutting room floor, so to speak, I decided to make a series of short segments, called “The Hollywood Dream” that showcase the trails and tribulations of making it in Hollywood.

As “” wrote

One feature for Hollywood since the 1960s has been its attractiveness for desperate people. Every year, hundreds of young people leave their homes across North America and flock to Hollywood hoping to become movie stars. They soon discover that they have extremely slim chances of competing against professionally trained actors. Many of them end up sinking into homelessness, which is a problem in Hollywood for adults as well as youth. Some return home, while others linger in Hollywood and join the prostitutes and panhandlers lining its boulevards; others go to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles; and yet others end up in the large pornography industry in the San Fernando Valley.

The goal of “The Hollywood Dream” is to give our audience detailed information about the entertainment business through witnessing first hand the successes and mistakes of others. Our first story highlights Jennifer J as she explains the sleezy, sexy secrets of hollywood and how her side hustle started to interfere and get in the way of her true passion for acting and dancing.


MindBootyandSoul Film

The 1st draft to the highly anticipated documentary feature, MindBootyandSoul: Mind, Booty, and Soul is a documentary feature written and Directed by Michael Norville. The film covers a wide range of topics including the perception of beauty, the lyrics and images within music, and the sexualization of girls within our society. Containing interviews with Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Dr Thomas Parham, LL Cool J, Trina, Ice-T, Vivica Fox, Davey D, Meagon Good, Lisa Raye, Chuck D, and many more, this film offers a rare insight into the media’s influence upon our sexual behaviors.

The Vixen

Few people in today’s society are probably aware of this, but the original definition of the word vixen was a female fox. The second definition in our English language defined vixen as a woman with a sharp tongue or woman that’s argumentative.  Those definitions have evolved over the years and now the word vixen has taken on a completely different meaning all together.  Clearly, when the word fox became commonly used to describe an attractive woman, referring to an attractive woman as a vixen undoubtedly came natural as well.  However, the vixen of our world today has a much deeper meaning than any time in history.  A vixen has not only taken on a much more curvaceous and voluptuous image as well has been labeled a sexual appetite but more importantly appears to have been injected a chromosome gene of exhibiting their self-indulgent full-figure bodies in public arenas for visual consumption.

As far back as the early 19th century, a well endowed African woman with a very large buttocks by the name of, Sarah Baartman, AKA, (Hottentot Venus) moved to England and soon got a job displaying her naked body in a cage in England’s Piccadilly Square, for all the world to see.  Although Sarah willingly went to London seeking riches and fame, she became an object of leering and abuse and ultimately was considered inferior because she looked different than white women.  This turned out to have a long term negative affect and became a potent symbol of the dehumanization of African people and their culture, especially during the colonial period.  Moreover according to “The Life and Times of Sara Baartman” film , the public spectacle of Sarah Baartmen not only symbolized an icon of racial inferiority but more importantly shaped the definition of black female sexuality that is still present today.

Switch Reels to the beginning of the 21st Century and we are still seeing black women displaying their curvaceous buttocks for all the world to see,  Instead of showcasing a naked body in the middle of town square, today’s exhibitionist gyrates her 3-dimensional shape inside a television allowing everyone to view her tantalizing movements in the privacy of their own home.  And just like Sarah Baartman, today”s public spectacle is still sexualize, objectified, ridiculed, and reduced to a body part designed for sexual stimulation.

“Irresistibly Attractive”

We have all been aware of people being hired because of their attractiveness but have you ever heard of someone getting fired for being too attractive.  In 2010, Iowa dentist Dr. James Knight fired Melissa Nelson because he claimed she was attractively irresistible and that might lead him to be unfaithful within his wife.  Never mind the fact that Mrs. Nelson, a married mother of 2, had been working for Dr. Knight for over ten years and viewed him as a father figure. It was Dr. Knight’s wife that found his text messages between him and Mrs. Nelson a threat to her marriage and ordered her husband to get rid of Mrs Nelson. In retrospect, I would be upset if I found out my husband sent a text message to his employee saying “if you see my pants bulging, you should know your clothing is too tight or distracting.”  The case was taken to court and ultimately these facts had no barring in the decision by the all male Iowa State Supreme Court that unanimously agreed with Dr. James Knight and said employers can fire employees they see as an “Irresistible Attraction.”

It appears that the rights that women gained during the late 20th century are slowly evaporating.  During the year 2012 alone, we witnessed comments by Rep. Todd Akin in Missouri saying when women are legitimately raped that “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” and Rep. Richard Mourdock in Indiana saying that “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that GOD intended to happen.”  Furthermore, there was the Obama pill mandate controversy in which people of faith did not want to be forced to pay for birth control pills that violates their religious liberty as well as Mitt Romney promise of getting rid of planned parenthood, if he was elected President of the United States.

Unfortunately these events being displayed in such an open and overt manner are sending a clear signal that the good old boys network is still alive and kicking and that men do whatever they want within the workplace.  But the bigger and more important issue is that men are ultimately not held responsive for their sexual advancements and that women are the ones who have to monitor and control their bosses lustful desires.

Michael Norville

A Message for Gabby

Though the 2012 Olympics is now months behind us and the world has moved on, there is a subject that disturbed me greatly during that time.  Even though it received some local and national media attention, I clearly have wanted to address it in print before the close of this year.

The subject is related to Olympic Gymnastic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas. I prefaced Gold Medalist; because truly that is the only moniker she should be most known and praised for. However and unfortunately, when Ms. Douglas was competing on the various events with the rest of US gymnastic team, many people of color made very negatives statements criticizing her for how her hair looked. Evidently Gabby’s hair was not up to their personal standards of grooming on her way to wining the Gold Medal in the Overall Gymnastic Category.  So these shallow minded individuals took to Twitter as their format to rake this beautiful black woman over the coals.

I know as a journalist I’m probably coming across a little harsh and frankly I admit that. But in my defense and Gabby’s, I’m sick and tired of the self-hatred and unfavorable comments made by African American’s against other African American’s. I am sick and tired of hearing negative statements of Black people made from other Black people about their skin color, lips and in the case of Gabby, her hair texture and grooming.

These types of statements have been going on far too long and it’s time for the mouths of all these ignorant haters to be silenced! Ok, and then I woke up. But honestly, that’s exactly why I’m writing this article. Though I can never silence anyone and justly so we all should continue to have freedom of speech in this country, I find it personally assaulting and insulting for any people to demean another, but especially the black on black crimes of character and physical assignation that has gone on for decades.

Gabby Douglas is a wonderful young woman that has spent years of sacrifice training her body to do things most of us could never even imagine our bodies doing.  She has made the personal sacrifice giving up so much to become a professional athlete and not only compete on the world stage, but excel in it.  And let not mention her mother’s sacrifice of losing her own home to make sure that her daughter Gabby could have some of the necessary financing to train, participate, and travel to and from the international meets as well.

So instead of looking at Gabby to find fault with her hair, these jealous insignificant common people should be looking at Gabby, like she truly is; an African American young heroin that is setting one of the finest examples of courage and fortitude.  I say to Gabby Douglas, bravo! You are an example to young black women all over the world because you, young lady, have paved the way and excelled higher in a sport few other Black women ever have before.

In closing, I have left you with a poem by another 16-year-old African American girl, who I feel expresses in the most rational way everything I have attempted to write in this article.  So I will simply say, click on the link and look at the video. Enjoy it and let us sane minded People of Color do our utmost to correct the thinking of those less fortunate.

Kevin Hill


The Purest Form Of Flattery

I was watching the news a few days ago and what came on almost knocked me out of my chair.  Evidently, a tennis match was being played in Brazil, and for those of you that don’t know it, Brazil is arguably one of the most popular countries in the world for Bootylicious women. Men, travel from the far reaches of the world to go there and not only feast their eyes on the tantalizing tails that can be seen on almost every beach, night club and on the streets of Rio De Janeiro. But some of these men go there to sample the Bootylicious women that sometimes offer their private time for a price. But back to the news story I was watching.

Two prominent female tennis players, Carolina Wozniacki, & Maria Sharapova were engaged in an exhibition match for charity.  That doesn’t sound too harmless, as a matter of fact it was for a very good cause. However when Ms. Wozniacki appeared on the court, her bra & shorts had been stuffed to make her appear to have the voluptuous, bootylicious body of Serena Williams.  As she strutted around like a peacock the audience and the other tennis players broke out laughing and continued to do so as Ms. Wozniacki, played several games before eventually removing the padding, to go back to her, though athletic but rather average body.

Initially the news media, including the program I was watching had a field day as they ripped her for taking part in such a racist charade.  But soon after the event was over, Ms. Serena Williams, an admitted friend of Ms. Wozniacki, excused the act as just an innocent prank, and moved on.  This was also the first incident of another player making fun of Serena in this manner.  As a matter of fact as the story continued to unfold days later, it was explained in an article I read, that because this incident took place in Brazil, the land of bodacious women, it wasn’t considered racist at all.

But one tends to wonder if those who would step forward and apologize for Ms. Wozniacki, would have been as forgiving if she had done the Crip walk on the court as Serena had done just a few weeks before and got criticized for doing so even though it was in another country and we know Serena is not in a gang. I mean when Serena did her little dance people in the media were screaming for her head, saying she was way over the top and setting a very bad example for kids.

It is crystal clear to me that there is a double standard. People of color, even the wealthiest in sports, are and always have been held to a higher standard than their white counterparts. Caucasian women who have always been placed on a pedestal over women of all other ethnicities, but especially African Americans, still have clearly envied the black woman. They have gone through great lengths to do whatever they could to look more like Black women, from tanning their bodies, injecting collagen into their lips, to the now popular Booty-Shots, which enhances their buttocks.  In the end, it’s to my beautiful black women, just remember, you are the queens of the Nile and whenever something like the Serena mockery incident takes place, don’t get mad. Just remember, imitation is the purest form of flattery.

Written By

Kevin Hill

Yesterday’s BITCH

A BITCH is a word that has clearly been misused, and abused time and time again throughout history. For a word that began with such an elementary meaning, Bitch /biCH/ Noun

A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.

It has transcended and become one of the most derogatory words used against women in the English Language. It has been used so disdainfully and derogatorily; it has even become the word to insult men in the worst way and it has been used to repress the power of women for centuries. The disparaging use of the word, Bitch, got started around the 15th century when the Catholic Church began, witch hunts, and justified their actions by claiming they were cleansing the world of these women.  So they incorporated the power of the word and made reference to Women as bitches while simultaneously creating the image of what a bitch looks like and what a bitch acts like.   This lead to a wide spread genocide against women who poses inner access to a higher being.  At the time, the Catholic church was developing a monopoly claiming to be the only access to GOD and women posed a threat to their overall market share. So they killed and burned women on the stake and justified their actions by claiming they were witches and bitches. This method was once again used during the early 1900’s when women started gaining the right to vote.  According to the writer Clare Bayley, in her paper entitled, Bitch: A History”, it states: As women gained more rights and appeared more and more on the American Stage, the insult, bitch, began to slip into popular discourse. For example, all uses of the word bitch in publications were associated to a female dog before the 19th Amendment was passed. However ten years after the Amendment was passed, the references to the word bitch as an insult to women clearly outnumbered the references to the female dog.   But as time moved on, the usage of the word bitch has transformed from the debased word description of women to a badge of honor, so to speak.  Now this badge, as it will, is worn by women to express their prowess and toughness in a male dominated society. According to Claire Bayley, this was clearly demonstrated during the feminist movement in the 60’s when women gained a since of pride for displaying assertiveness, strength, independence, and willingness to fight for their own definition of happiness.

But this definition for happiness is no longer satisfactory for today’s expression of the word Bitch.  As we will see in the next article, Todays Bitch not only expresses the freedom to determine her own destiny but more importantly Today’s Bitch challenges the dominance of male hierarchy.  Today’s Bitch uses her sexuality as a tool to manipulate and control men. Today’s Bitch…. entices the arousal in men and seeks to destroy his power during his weakest moment of being sexually aroused.


Written By

Kevin Hill

Michael Norville

Female Athletics

Now that the female 100 meters olympic high hurdles race has concluded, one would think that the controversy surrounding Lolo Jones would be concluded as well.  By now we should all be aware of Lolo’s publicity campaign in which she wrote on her twitter account that she was a 30 year old virgin.  But now TEAM USA peers Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells have verbally attacked Mrs Jones by essentially saying Lolo doesn’t deserve the media attention she’s receiving considering the fact that she has never received any medal whatsoever in olympic competition.

While their point may be valid, their frustration should not be directed at Lolo Jones.  Her publicity team did an awesome job of finding a compelling byline that would gain notoriety for something other than winning races.  In today’s world, one has to almost make themselves a spectacle in-order to receive the fanfare and media attention needed to attract sponsors so it shouldn’t be a surprise when the side-show results in negative publicity.  Jere Longman of the NY Times stated that “essentially Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be – vixen, virgin, victim – to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses.”  And while many thought that Longman article was cruel and harsh, I on the other hand, would have to agree with his perspective, especially seeing Jones cry on the Today Show because she felt victimized by the timing of his article.

The bottom line is we should be focusing on the fact that American women have won 48 of the 82 total medals thus far for the United States (including 26 of 39 gold medals) instead of focusing so much attention on irrelevant material.  The publicity received by Jones “only exemplifies the notion that women are worthy as athletes only if they have sex appeal.” (NY Times)

Unfortunately all this talk about sexuality and athletics is contrary to the fact that these Olympics may be the beginning of a new era for the American Golden Girls who are dominating the men in Gold medals by a 2-1 ratio.  Moreover, the fact that we are also celebrating 40 years of Title IX, it would seem that there would so many other stories that the media could focus on.  Shouldn’t our culture start honoring the achievements of these great athletes based upon their performance instead of their external appearance.  I’m looking forward to see how the media and sponsors utilize the images and personalities of Allyson Felix, Misty May, Shandra Ross and the multitude of female Olympians who have not only won gold medals but also resisted the allure of showcasing their bodies as a commodity for sexual desire.

Strip Tease Groceries

For those that have watched this video and many others like it, it should be clear by now that we live in a society that condones this behavior and indirectly tells our young women that it’s ok to transmit images displaying themselves as disposable products in the frozen food section to the entire world. The days when parents had the power to remove their children from adult activities have been replaced with parents thinking it’s cute to put makeup and revealing outfits on little girls, while teaching them to emulate provocative dance movements.

Maybe it’s because our society is still dealing with the side effects of the crack epidemic or maybe we all were asleep while MTV and BET delivered pornographic material disguised as music videos to our children. But whatever the reason, we all need to realize that this behavior was ignited by the imagery and vulgarity being transmitted on public airwaves by Viacom, Disney, Clear Channel, Time Warner, and NBC Universal.

At the beginning of the millennium, these conglomerates made a conscious effort to utilize technology as a means of bringing private behaviors into a public arena. This is why strip club scenes have been inserted into every television show known to mankind or why Janet Jackson was Probably told to show her nipple during the Super Bowl or why billboards of practically nude men and women are visible 24hrs a day. These images were not only designed to normalize certain types of behaviors but have been purposely placed in front of adolescent minds that were unequipped, unprepared, and most of all unprotected from the massive sexual ad campaigns being transmitted throughout America.

So the next time you see young girls performing a strip tease recital in the frozen food section of your grocery store, realize that they are a product of our demonic society… are we all!!

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