Before there was Twerkers, there was Luke….

Misdirection lies at the heart of magic. It is the art of diverting the audience’s attention away from what magicians call the “method” – the act of deception itself.  In this case, Luther Campbell and the booty gyrating motions of Black Bodies diverted the culture’s attention away from the essence of Hip Hop.  As the Cliche says, never get high on your own supply. So while we all were living in the highness of the black women’s body, corporate America was busy stealing the main elements(BOOTY, LYRICS, & BASS) away from Hip Hop and using them for their own corporate agendas.

Luther Campbell along with LL Cool J, MC Lyte, 2 Live Crew, and Professor Griff talks about the Miami Bass movement which later sparked and ignited the twerked movement.

The Love of Dancing

Last month, I ran into a rapper who said we live in a fast food nation. Everything is quick, easy, and fast. It’s like a drug. We want the quick fix. In this case, we want to experience luxury and we just want a taste of that lifestyle. We all have become addicted to the lifestyle.

But what we really need is LOVE. We need love for the ARTs. I love what I do. I get high on my own supply. When I watch my own videos, I fall in love with them. When I did animation, I fell in love with the motion. When I get in front of the camera, I fall in love with the moment.

This is what happens when you take art out of the classroom. No one learns the process of creating. We are only taught to mimic the image of success.

Btw, I remember this dancer. I fell in love with the motion of her hips in that Omarion video.

Entertainment is a Drug


If we want to make real change on this topic, we have to organize and form a coalition. Mothers against Media or something like that. We have to become offensive. Mind Booty and Soul (MBS) has over 17 years of documentation showing how detrimental entertainment is to our culture.

Last month I heard Kenya Moore say sucking dick on TV. I complained to the FCC and this is their response. “Programming considered indecent, obscene, violent or otherwise offensive to some viewers may be transmitted over cable systems. The FCC cannot restrict non-broadcast (cable) programming.” This means cable TV can show anything they want at anytime.

The bottom line, the corporations have been planning this for 30 years. They have created legislature(laws), technology(smartphones), and the environment(morality) that allows them to override the parents authority and become the new parents of our generation. From Birth to Dirt, our children are being attacked by toxic drugs disguised as media.

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