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Black Women and Art


With the Booty Body being on such a large display, Black Women and Art can almost be considered an Oxymoron.  How can we view the body as beautiful, scared, and illuminating when society’s constant message is exploitative, degrading, and disposable.   Therefore, we must give recognition to black artist as we attempt to navigate a new territory for black beauty.   Mahala Preudhomme is worthy of this discussion as she displays her Creations and talks about Art, Entertainment, and Beauty.

“The Black Women themselves is Art.  Being able to bring art and black women together is dope and I actually think it is becoming a movement just like natural hair is becoming a movement.  I see more natural pieces with black women with black men with black couples..kinda coming together” ……..Preudhomme


This is Real Art for the 21st Century.  This is why I love art and I despise entertainment.  Art makes a statement..makes you think, entertainment just stimulates the senses.  This image and statement says it all.

“With Stolen Wings, we cannot fly without empathy.  We shall fall so ignorantly arrogant.  To disregard life for the sake of pleasure and please ourselves with the spoils of death.  Is this the true nature of humanity or is it simply so very selfish.”

Finally the Caption…..”Do not believe in Angels.”


I wonder who has stolen the wings and can’t fly without empathy because on the surface, you would think the author is talking to the Caucasian race.  But as we get deeper into the statement, the character changes to a more broader expression…..vanity, arrogance, entitlement, and narcissistic behaviors.  Clearly those characteristics are not limited to a skin tone that’s unable to absorb energy from the sun.  This epidemic is becoming widespread.






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