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With over 50 exercises geared to enhance the Booty and personal testimonies from everyday fitness gurus, Booty Science rediscovers a healthy lifestyle to getting a Bigger Better Booty. Through exercise, nutrition, mental balance, and spiritual illumination, this 4 part series will be a key asset to  harmonizing the Mind Booty Body and Soul.

Drum Workout

The Beat is Power.

Sexy Workouts

If you haven’t notice, many brands that are attempting to get your attention by starting their campaign with some type of booty shoot.  Here is a perfect example.  After we get past the open crouch shot, we really start to see a fitness guru come to life.

The Best Pole Dancer?

I am not saying that I am an expert but I have seen a plethora of women dancing on the Pole. So when I read the headline “The World Best Pole Dancer”, I had to watch the video and see for myself.   To my surprise this Russia Pole artist named Anastasia Sokolova displayed one of the best routines I have ever seen. It still doesn’t match up to when I popped my Cherry and entered the strip club for the 1st time. That’s when I saw Lalani perform the best acrobatics stunt of all time.

But Anastasia does more than hold her own.  She has the ability of creating the perfect pose while spinning over and over and over again, giving the audience time to see every detail of her perfect pose over and over again.  Even though her poses are sexy and she has an awesome body, I feel more connected to the motion and the movement.  She does the most incredible moves so effort

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