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Addition to Attention

This women has a drug addiction. She is addicted to the attention that she receives from her body. This is an addiction that started when she was a little girl. Everyone told her how cute she was. They praised her for her expressions, her movements, her looks. Maybe she was molested, maybe she was not. But I can tell you this, a high majority of men who come in contact with her, only gave her attention because they wanted to fuck her.

We cannot blame the little girl who grew up in an environment where there were no men who gave her attention just because they loved her. This is the missing ingredient. There was a day when men would help and support women without wanting something in return. But those day are gone and now love has been replaced with attention.

False Empowerment

The Word empowerment has been used so causally when it comes to behavior that it has almost lost its meaning, especially when it comes to the identity of women.  Its being used as a decoy to oppress women by conditioning them to desire temporary privileged over everlasting power and more importantly seek external validation instead of true knowledge of self.

One of the way external validation has become a household link to identity is the addiction to attention.  Maybe society manufactured career status or the multitasking break-through breakdowns of our last generation created a void where children didn’t get the love and attention they needed from their parents.

So they decided to place their stock into validating their self-worth through entertainment.

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The Nasty Women’s Speech

The nasty Women Speech is amazing. Personally I laugh at Trump and our Presidency in general. I know its a joke….Obama included. But I love the fire and and passion that surround this presidency. The Question is what will we do with this energy?

The Love of Dancing

Last month, I ran into a rapper who said we live in a fast food nation. Everything is quick, easy, and fast. It’s like a drug. We want the quick fix. In this case, we want to experience luxury and we just want a taste of that lifestyle. We all have become addicted to the lifestyle.

But what we really need is LOVE. We need love for the ARTs. I love what I do. I get high on my own supply. When I watch my own videos, I fall in love with them. When I did animation, I fell in love with the motion. When I get in front of the camera, I fall in love with the moment.

This is what happens when you take art out of the classroom. No one learns the process of creating. We are only taught to mimic the image of success.

Btw, I remember this dancer. I fell in love with the motion of her hips in that Omarion video.

Know thy Self, Define who you are

We live in a society that tell us everything about ourselves.  It tell us who we are and implants false dreams inside our minds.  We have forgotten the true power of our inner voice.  But every time I listen to my inner voice and become bold enough to follow direction, I have been blessed.   Listen in as award winning director Amma Asante talks about her over coming the stigma of being a black woman director and overcoming the definitions that society placed upon her.

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How Ray J’s Penis make the Kardashian’s famous

Anytime other cultures enters into an arena created by black people, they always have to get co-signed by a black man.  This has happened with Kim Kardashian, Coco, Iggy Azalea, Jen Selter,…..This list goes on.  Even though Ray-J is still receiving residuals from the sex tape, he should be received checks from the entire Kasdashian empire but he was too stupid to realize that Kim

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