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Orgasms and Sensations

‘‘Oh you are freaky. You came so many times’’, he grinned down at me, giving my chin a gentle caress. 

I gave a small laugh but didn’t say anything as he slapped me gently on the ass. I watched as he got up to remove the condom, and struggled mentally to keep a neutral face, not wanting my thoughts to appear on my facial expressions.  

I had came?

My vagina was soaking wet, my body felt worked, and my man was grinning boastfully, yet I felt disconnected. It was as though I was a mere onlooker to the sexual experience I had just engaged in. 

A part of me wanted to cry and another part of me wanted to go and see a doctor. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, in fact there was only three times I could remember in our sexual history that it DIDN’T happen. And it was those incidents which kept me hopeful and prevented me from thinking my vagina was broken completely.


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Pussy Power

my expression is to empower men

my pussy is patient, my pussy is confident, my pussy knows energy will always come back to it

my pussy energy never dies…it multiplies…

even though its a magnet, it also functions as a transmitter

sending vibrations along the manifest-waves of creation

attracting perfect, pre-destined individuals

who sole purpose is to fulfill my desires

not my sexual desire…its the urges that I’m talking about.

the continuous stream of wetness that Ooozes out my vortex…

but the middle passage of my inner walls

doesn’t emasculate the masculinity with rhetoric,

doesn’t manipulation the energy with archaic

ideas based upon illusions for power and control

It elevates them to timeless dimensions, functioning as a portal, a gateway

its inside this dimension that I rebroadcast

the moment you sprayed your comes into my uterus

multiple organism was the least of my sensations,

because you blew my mind and turned my out with just one ejaculation

And just like that the pain of my frustration open the door and showed my the light

It told me that sex isn’t bad and that there is another path waiting for me

Even through I ran out the door, it’s taken 15 years to reclaim my destiny

My Pussy, My Power, Pussy Power

The Dopiest Video Ever

Damn ArchDuke just BLEW MY MIND….how? He exactly…I mean exactly expresses my INNER thoughts, my conclusions, and the dimensional relationship of my life. He describe GOD in the way I envision her.

Recently I have been calling myself Solder of the !st World, an Old PE term. It is no coincidence that I have been meditating about mother earth all week.

I have imagined that Mother Earth is calling me and telling me that she needs my help. I told her that I am angry. I am pissed off at this sinister who is raping her, stealing her resources and attempting to terraform this planet for another life force.

For the Record…..Mother Earth is real and she is the dopiest, deepest, multi-dimensional woman who lives in a timeless universe. Her frequency is open for direct communication. All you do is close your eyes an image what would the earth look like if she were a women.

I told Mother earth that I had her back but I needed access to the energy located at her inner core. This video is a personal decoded DNA message from her letting me know that she received my message.

3rdeye/4th Dimension Productions….
The Dream is Real, Failure to manifest the dream is the Fantasy.

The Real reason why Cardi B blasted Peter Gunz

Technically when a woman asks for money in return for sex, she is considered a hoe. But the hoe behavior exhibited by black women over the past 16 years has a much deeper meaning. Love and Hip Hop New York star Cardi B, blasts Peter Gunz by saying “our older wash up Negros that be destroying women and their reputations”…. “You need to get from these guys what you want”….. “Men like you (Peter Gunz), need to get used.” Her words and emotions clearly shows the overall demeanor of black women. They feel abandoned. They don’t have much respect for men because men, especially blackmen, don’t have much respect for them. They go into relationships knowing upfront that men will dog them and they will end up with the short end of the stick. At the end of the day, these women just want something to show for their wasted time. Collecting jewelry, having their bills paid, and staying updated with all the latest fashion trends only helps to mask the pain of choosing and spending so much time with the wrong man.
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Irresistible to Men:Understanding The Feminine Energy

No matter how fine you are, traditionally strong successful black women have found it difficult to find a worthy mate. There are many reasons why this trend continues to escalate. The main reason, lack of knowledge in understand their biochemistry.

Listen in as Lada Duncheva gives the science on how to become irresistible to men and discover the true magnetism of female energy.

Abstaining from Sex

Kashif Davis posted this question yesterday on Facebook and when Russell Wilson announced that he and Ciara have abstain from sex, I must asked the following question:

Does abstaining from sex before a formal relationship bf/gf or marriage increase the likelihood of a successful union?   In my opinion this question barely touches the surface.   Until we star having conversations about the ability to touch each other with their thoughts, we will continue to have these illusionary conflicts about sex.  True sexuality is between the ears not the legs.





The Princess Syndrome

The princess theme revolves around the concept of social mobility.  It’s the notion that women rise in social status by virtue of the man they attach themselves.  Although, this concept is somewhat a cliche,  it has been a common theme in the folk tales and legends of many cultures.

In the mid nineteenth century, Disney, of course, created an empire around developing passive female characters seeking a Prince charming to swoop them off their feet so that they can live happily ever after. But the concept appeared to die during the women’s liberation movement who’s values were completely opposed to  women living under the accomplishments of their male counterparts.

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Can Polygamy Heal the Black Community

In theory yes but in application, we have a longggggg way to go. We shouldn’t even be thinking about the idea of polygamy unless we first start thinking about unity and cooperation. How can we talk about coming together on such a complex emotional issue, when we cannot even unify and cooperate when there are no emotions present?  In fact we can’t even cooperate and collaborate our online businesses to our perspective audiences when all we have to do is hit a share button. There’s no effort or emotions into seeing how we all can benefit by working together as a unit but we are asking ourselves to work miracles(unify and cooperate) in an environment when emotions will be amplified.

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Complimenting White Women vs Degrading Black Women

Recently, Snoop Dogg gave a Caucasian women a so-called compliment by telling her that she was thick.  The women,  a profession videographer, took offense to Snoop’s comment  by coming out with a video saying  that Snoop is very intimating and he belittled her by drawing attention to her body.

After watching the video, I started thinking about all the degrading material that Snoop has produced in recent years.  It’s hard to fell sorry for a Caucasian female when I’ve witness so much harm come to Black women.

The Weaker Stronger Sex?

This is a conversation that was inspired by Menelik Charles  and his post on May 23rd, 2015.

POST: Men you have been warned…

The weaker sex are the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex


ME:Love it….but I need more insight.


Menelik: It is not a poem Michael Norville… is a statement of fact which speaks for itself. That is….women are physically weaker than men….and men are weak for the female body and sexing it….

Therefore women are able to exercise power over the physically stronger sex through men’s weakness for the female sex.

Is that clearer, Bro?

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