Meghan Trainor accidentally on purpose retouching malfunction is just another example of white entertainers appropriation black culture(Hip Hop) and Black (Booty) to create a gimmick in-order to build an audience.

Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor

You are a walking contradiction, and I do not respect you or your ideologies.

I am sorry for the young women who will hear your misinformed and offensive view on self-acceptance, and I am sorry especially for the young curvy women who will now seek inappropriate affirmation and attention from their male peers. I am sorry for the young petite women who now believe they are not attractive. Lastly, I am sorry for the individuals that struggle with eating disorders, because society was just starting to grasp the seriousness of such illnesses, and you have now stopped that progression with your thoughtlessness.  READ MORE

Meghan Trainor is beyond fugly and hideous. megan trainor is just a mimic of black women by white nazis saying “we would rather have an ugly fat white pancake ass chick portray black sexiness than you because even fat white fugly chicks are better than even the most beautiful talented sensual black women” . it is racial hierarchy. ridiculous

Lola Wolfe