Recently there was catcalling incident ignited by the “New York Jets” during an attempt by journalist Ines Sainz to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. It’s a situation that has the sports world, the media, and the general public talking about “what is sexual harassment.” – Michael Schottey

Mexican TV is a culture where sex, over humor, is considered quality entertainment and Ines Sainz TV persona is based off of the premise that sex sells. NFL players are accustomed to seeing her at the Super Bowl, having her caress their strong arms, sit on their shoulders, and wink, smile, and nod for the camera, all the while being dressed like she is playing, not working. Many of these players view Sainz as an actress, or a celebrity, being given a microphone and shoved into a locker room. For them, she is not a prestigious reporter that has earned her credentials through hard work and study, but just another random attractive woman. – Al Asifyouknow

Why is it every time a beautiful lady gets harassed by professional athletes there is always mumbling by some folks that somehow she dressed too sexy, I guess suggesting she was asking for it. Are you kidding me ! Were this people raised by wolfs !

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Now I’m not implying that a dress code should be enforced or that women have no place in the men’s locker room. However, should we expect testosterone, adrenaline pumped egotistical athletes not to respond to an attractive curvaceous female who presents herself in attire that showcases her attributes. Or let me put it another way, if you add kerosene to a pile of wood and light a match, should I expect a fire not to ignite.

I don’t care where you are, if an attractive women walks into board room, class room, bus stop, even in a grocery isle men are going to look.
Furthermore, women wearing clothes to receive attention and then complaining when the attention exceeds their expectations is like a men flaunting their money around and then complaining about attracting gold-diggers. We all need to use common sense and Ms Sainz should realize that being professional should not cause or create an excessive amount attention to her sexuality.

According to the law, sexual harassment occurs when a hostile or offensive work environment is experience by an employee. Therefore, it could be interpreted that a man could find his work environment offensive if other female employees started dressing provocative. Can you imagine a man saying “I’ve experience sexual harassment at my worksite because a female employee showed her cleavage?”

Huh??? Better yet, I’ll revisit Dave Chapelle point of view as he discusses “How women dress”