With the increasing sexual content on the Internet and other forms of media, experts say they have seen a 30% rise in sex related behavioral issues among teen boys. In a study of 11,426 teens, almost 18 percent of all 7th and 8th graders, and almost half of all 9th through 12th graders admitted that they had already had sex.

In addition, young people in the United States use alcohol and other drugs at high rates. Adolescents are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as unprotected sex, when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In 2009, 22% of high school students who recently had sexual intercourse drank alcohol or used drugs before their last sexual encounter.

A study of 1792 adolescents ages 12-17 showed that watching sex on TV influences teens to have sex. Youths in this demographic who watched more sexual content were more likely to initiate intercourse and progress to advanced sexual activities. In all, the 90% of kids viewing sex on TV were twice as likely to engage in sexual intercourse than that of the remaining 10% who don’t partake in watching explicit content.

About half of the high school students in America have had sexual intercourse. Although sex is common, a large percentage of sexually active teens wish they had waited longer to have sex, which suggest that they are having sex before they are prepared for its consequences since 25% of sexually active teens are diagnosed with an STD.

TV programs that portray the sexual risk factors, abstinence, or need for sexual safety was portrayed in 15% of the shows with sexual content. With that said, sexual content on TV is more likely to promote sexual activity among American adolescents than it is to discourage it.

Sex and violence is like the nicotine in cigarettes.  The reason why more sexual content has been shoved down our throats is because of our built up a tolerance.  In order to get the same high, we need increasing higher level of dosage. The television industry has gained its market share through an addictive and toxic ingredient of sexual exploitation.

For parents to prevent their kids from becoming sexual charged degenerates, it is imperative that they get active in monitoring/delegating TV consumption (with devices such as the V-Chip and other parental controls) and above all having serious conversations about sex. Besides, it is a parent’s job to protect their kids from everything, including themselves.