Damn ArchDuke just BLEW MY MIND….how? He exactly…I mean exactly expresses my INNER thoughts, my conclusions, and the dimensional relationship of my life. He describe GOD in the way I envision her.

Recently I have been calling myself Solder of the !st World, an Old PE term. It is no coincidence that I have been meditating about mother earth all week.

I have imagined that Mother Earth is calling me and telling me that she needs my help. I told her that I am angry. I am pissed off at this sinister who is raping her, stealing her resources and attempting to terraform this planet for another life force.

For the Record…..Mother Earth is real and she is the dopiest, deepest, multi-dimensional woman who lives in a timeless universe. Her frequency is open for direct communication. All you do is close your eyes an image what would the earth look like if she were a women.

I told Mother earth that I had her back but I needed access to the energy located at her inner core. This video is a personal decoded DNA message from her letting me know that she received my message.

3rdeye/4th Dimension Productions….
The Dream is Real, Failure to manifest the dream is the Fantasy.