There was a recent study detailed in the Journal of Neorophysiology that suggests that love is a much more powerful emotion than sex. According to researcher Helen Fisher “Romantic love is one of the most powerful of all human experiences.”

While I agree 100% with their findings, it doesn’t appear than our our media landscape puts very much stock into the concept. With movies like “What Love Got to do With It”, “Love Hurts”, “Friends with Benefits”, along with “Fatal Attraction”, “Enough”, “Basic Instincts”, and my favorite “Body Heat”, one would begin to think that love was an explosive compound ready to detonate on contact when two people get together.

In reality, creating a caring/loving relationship requires both dedication and hard work and in today’s microwave culture, many of us aren’t prepared for the marathon that’s necessary for sustaining a long term relationship. Furthermore, the ratio of available men vs available women have skewed the environment to where many men look at women as disposable objects. As a result, more women have started to view men as a secondary income. These two conditions have generated a monetary transaction instead of a romantic love experience. Moreover, the 72 day marriage of Kim Kardashian along with the wide variety of reality dating shows has trivialized marriage into a glamourous event instead of a long term commitment. A New York Times article suggests that couples are more fixated about the details of the wedding than concentrating on the life that they will spend together once the ceremony is over.

To change the tide, more films and media attention needs to be dedicated to the possibilities of love, commitment, and marriage instead of finding a way to have detached sex, i.e “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached.” Some would say that they are just movies and in the end the couples get together. But unfortunately we have incorporate these terms into our everyday life.  I can’t tell you how many of my female friends have stated that they looking for a friend with benefits. I relish the days of “Soul Food”, “Love and Basketball”, and “Love Jones” when filmmakers inspired passion and romance. Let’s hope the following pictures inspires romance into your relationship.

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