Recently 2 time olympic hurdler Lolo Jones admitted that she is a virgin and that she is saving herself for marriage because she wants to give her future husband a very special gift.  She also said that being a virgin is the hardest thing she has ever done, even harder than training for the Olympics.

I wish her well is her quest to remain a virgin until she marries but I’m not sure I would want to marry a virgin. First of all, putting a women on a holy sanctuary pedestal is juvenile. Our society has really gone overboard with the idea of purity, wholesome, and applying these dynamics to women has allowed men to be sexual hoers while placing all the blame and guilt on women when two consenting adults have sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Lolo for standing up to her principals but I don’t believe that having sex out of wedlock is a sin.  Furthermore, I would have to sample the goods first to see if we were compatible.  I’m not to concerned about the chemistry, I’m more concerned about her physical attributes.  For example, is her vagina deep enough or is it wet enough? Furthermore, Is she inhibited or does she let go? These are things that can’t be reversed over time. meaning I might locked into a long term contract with someone I’m not sexually compatible with.

Maybe I’m being to shallow or I’m not considering the emotional connection we would have, but I plan on being loyal while I’m married and not being sexually satisfied can lead to unfaithfulness down the road.  Therefore, if this is going to be the last women I ever make love to for the rest of our lives, I can’t commit to marriage unless I take a test drive.

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